We now offer Cquartz UK

We have decided to bring in Cquartz UK as a more economical coating for our clients.  It is still very durable, 18+ months and starts at $150 add on.

Treat Your Car

Spring is in the air, and your car needs some attention after a long winter.  Whether you have a daily driver that needs some love or a car that hasn’t seen the light since fall of last year, we are here to help.  Let us refresh your ride and bring the shine back.

What is the best way to make sure my new car looks great?

It is best to let the dealership skip the exterior vehicle prep of any new car.  Many times the dealership does not follow the safest practices when washing and preparing the vehicle for delivery.  This can lead to damage to the exterior of the vehicle leaving the paint with swirls and sometimes scratches.  It is my belief that a new cars should be presented that way, in perfect new condition.  Concours Touch not only takes great care in making sure your vehicle gets to you in “new” condition but we also provide paint coatings and interior protection packages to keep it looking that way.

Salt Build Up

Are the salt stains on your carpet bothering you? It is approaching that time of the year to do something about it. Give us a call or email us about our interior packages that will take care of these nasty stains for you.

Why Should I wax or use sealant on my car?

Waxes and sealant contain UV blockers in their formulations. This helps reduce the amount on UV light from hitting the paints causing fading or oxidation of the paint. If you want to make you paint look newer, longer; use a wax or sealant every 3 months or so, depending on wash practices. Touchless washes and drive through washes will strip almost all the wax so it is best to give it so TLC with so automotive shampoo instead. Dish soap is not for automotive use and should be used on your greasy dishes and not your dirty car.

Keeping Your Wheels Looking Clean Longer

Many people wax or seal their car but neglect to protect their wheels. It is a good idea to wax or use sealant on your wheels to help keep them looking better,longer. A layer of wax will also help during the wash process as the oils and dirt from the brake system are sitting on a layer of sealant or wax rather than in the rim itself. Give your rims a little extra love and it may save you some time in the future when washing your car.

Polishing Your Paint

Most people find it hard to tell just how bad their paint really is ontheir vehicle. Having an expert, like myself, polish the exterior paint, really brings back the original colour of the faded or swirled paint. There are many approaches to polishing exterior automotive paint and calling for a free appraisal is the only sure way to get the results you are looking for. At Concours Touch we don’t charge for appraising a polishinig job and are always willing to help out the DIY’ers with undertaking the taunting task of polishing the paint to perfection.

Can I use Dish Soap to Wash my Car

the simple answer is no. Washing with dishsoap that does not have Ph neutral properties will strip any wax that was applied to the car as well as prematurely wear exterior trim pieces. Dishsoap also tends to leave a spotty vehicle. Pick up some Meguiars Gold Class at your nearest Canadian tire and help preserve the finish on your car for years to come.

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