What is clay barring?
Clay barring in using an automotive clay bar (poly clay) to remove embedded contaminants from exterior vehicle surfaces.  This is usually done to remove over spray (airborne paint) or to remove fallout or brake dust from the paint, glass or plastics.
Here is a link to a decent article on clay barring.  http://www.autogeek.net/detailing-clay-bar.html

How often should I wax(seal) my vehicle?
This can vary greatly depending one the wax or sealant you choose or have applied.  Some last just a few weeks, while others with proper care can last 5 months or more.  Concours Touch used premium products that tend to last a minimum of 3 months and the coatings last up to 3 years.

What is a Paint Coating such as Opti-coating?
Paint coating can be nano-based (Cquartz) or a polymer linked urethane such as Opti-Coating.  They tend to be very hard, and show out standing results for years, not months.  They also tend to make cleaning of the vehicle easier and are more resistant to minor swirling.

What is Polishing (buffing)?
Polishing is the use or abrasives to cut a layer of paint off, which levels the paint reducing or eliminating swirls and scratches.  At Concours Touch, we gauge all metal parts of the car before polishing and cut only what is necessary to removes the swirls or scratches safely.  We have a hologram-free guarantee.

How do I choose what I need for my automobile?
Email or call us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.  We can create a custom detail package that will fit your needs and budget.