Last weekend I dropped my car off with Bryan so he can work his magic, and I went golfing
By the time I was finished my round and back at the shop he was working out of, he was just doing the finishing touches.

I didnt take any pics before hand to show all the marks on the car, but there were more scratches on my car than I would like to admit. I tried getting some out with a scratch remover with no luck.

There were scratches on the back side of both front wheel wells, a wicked mark from someone or something hitting my car going from the corner of the front bumper to the rear of the front fender. Lots of swirl marks in the paint and the roof looked pretty bad too. Also, I do a lot of highway driving, and the front bumper was a really dull gray from all the bugs and everything hitting it

But not any more!!

Every single swirl and scratch is gone. A while ago, I scratched the clear bra on the hood and he got that out too! Even the front bumper was brought back to life! I debadged the hatch the day before, and all the ghost letters are all gone now too. I was absoultly amazed when I saw the results! It really is a mirror like finish on the paint. Looks better than new!

The opti-coating is good too, rain makes DGM look sooo dirty with all the water marks. And now all I need is a good rinse and towel dry and its back to lookin good

Subaru STi

I just wanted to say thanks to Bryan for coming over today and giving the old Gadget Mobile a bit of TLC.

It was in need of some sprucing up as all the KMs I have been putting on it have started to take their toll.

It is 9 year old paint with 200+K KMs on it so I wasn't really expecting miracles... but he did a great job and make it shine really nice.

He did a hand wash (easy on the hand jokes), and polish, then followed it up with Opti-coat.

The main reason for getting him over was I wanted to try the product called Opti-coat as I really don't have any time to really clean the car myself anymore.

Opti-coat will apparently last for about 2 years and protect the car from getting dirty in that a simple hose down / automatic car wash will remove the dirt quickly and easily and I won't really have to do anything to keep it clean and shiny.

He can explain it better if you ask him..... I was intrigued by it from one of his posts a while back and always wanted to do it to the car.

He mentioned that some other TSC guys had it done to their cars... I'd be interested in what they thought as well.

Interested to see if it hold up to their claims of keeping the car clean. It will make me super happy if it does.

If only I could coat the kids with the stuff... bath-time would be a breeze.

So thanks for working in the heat on my driveway and doing what you did it was much appreciated!

(and thanks for all the scrubbing of the rims... my Colin McCrae Speedlines never looked better)


Derek, Subaru 2012

Got Bryan to do my 05 2.5 RS on Friday with compound, polish and opti-coat. I couldn't be happier with the results! Its great having a swirl-free car, and even though the paint is 7 years old it looks so much better now. Really helpful and great guy to deal with! Answered all my questions and now my car looks nice and shiny . I'm excited to see what opti-coat can do!

lemon, Subaru, 2012

Been busy this past year and I wasn't giving my 2011 STI the love it deserved. Over the summer I noticed the swirly marks and it was starting to get to me that I didn't have the time to do it myself. Being a perfecionist I NEVER let anyone touch my car. Then I saw Bryan's work here on the forums a while back and decided to give it a go.

When Bryan was done and I picked up my car I could not believe the results. It was better than I hoped for..... it was PERFECT. I don't think I would have even come close to just how awesome of a job Bryan did.
The car is back to showroom condition. Not a single swirl mark in the paint, doing the polish and the opticoat was the best decision I made. I will be doing this every 2 years with Bryan.

Thanks a million Bryan and I would definitley recommned doing this, even if you don't have any swirl marks in your paint the opticoating alone is worth every singly penny.

Joe, Subaru STI, Sept 2012

Had my car done last week. Very convienent that Bryan comes right to your house. Very polite and professional. Must be a chemist the way he knows his products so well. Car looked great after it was done. Had some rain that day and it just rolled off, my car was dry when i parked it. Kinda weird. Oh yea and my rims, didnt even know they were that colour.

Cant wait till the spring to get a polish. Highly recommend this package for all daily drivers this winter.

Thanks again Bryan.

Scott, September 2011 Impreza STI

I recently got my 2011 WRX from the states and the drive back up to Canada left me with a lot of dirt and insect splatter everywhere. First thing I wanted to do was get a good wash and wax done.

My girlfriend recently had her car detailed by Bryan at Concours Touch and was very happy with the work. We called Bryan up again to help with my car and the experience was just as good.

Convenient - comes to your home and works from your driveway
Meticulous - very detail oriented and focused on getting the little details right
Knowledgeable - experienced, knows a lot about the products/methods
Pricing - very reasonable

None that I can think of

If you're looking to get your car detailed, I highly recommend giving Concours Touch a shout. I only had the exterior done this time, I'd definitely go back to Bryan for any future detailing.

mike, August 2011, 2011 WRX STI

Bryan came and did the exterior/interior on my 02 wrx, and by the time he was done, the car looks (and smells like it did when I first bought it. The carpets and seats especially are so much cleaner and I don't see any stains. Very happy with the shine of the car and rims too. He was also very punctual and communicative at all stages of the process.


scott, May 2011

It was bad.

When I met up with two GTR owners on the way to the GTR meet last month, they both commented on how bad my paint was looking; full of swirls.

It looks awesome now - I don't want to take it out of the garage.

Very happy with Bryan's work. Definite recommendation in the GTA area.

Eric, April 2011, Nissan GTR

WOW. Brian is the MAN!

I really can't say enough good things about the whole experience. On time, great communication and advice from him prior to the car getting here, booking me appointments before confirmed delivery date, and less money then he quoted it would be worst case! I live almost 2 hours from Brian, and he agreed to commute to me to do this also, (For a VERY reasonable extra fee.) Plus the care taken on the vehicle was as it was his own.

The paint on this car looked pearl before, now it looks satin pearl. I just can't put into words how impressive this is.

I can already say that no one else will be working on my vehicles in the future!

Thank you, (VERY MUCH!), for everything Brian.

Chris, Sept 2011, 2012 Nissan GTR

I had Bryan detail the interior of my car and I have to say he did an amazing job. The car looks like new all over again. Salt was removed, headliner is white again, everything is just spotless. Pricing is very reasonable. I would definitely recommend him. He also demonstrated some of his products and it worked like a charm.
Thanks again Bryan!!!


Dima, August 2011

I booked an appointment with Bryan earlier this week for a stage one polish along with wax and cleaning (not sure what the package is called) the car since I had a few scratches that needed some attention. The job was completed today from 9am to 3pm and I must say, Bryan did a phenomenal job! I was most concerned that the scratches wouldn't polish out, but Bryan took care of it and made sure the car was spotless/mark free. Throughout the process, we talked about certain products he used, suggested different techniques on how to better approach my cleaning process and was patient enough to answer all my detailing/product questions.

I highly recommend Bryan to anyone, the amount of time and precision he spends to make sure your car looks good is worth it :thumbsup

Eric C, July 2011

I had my car done yesterday, one step protection and polish, bryan did an amazing job, car looked immaculate, he was very helpful and answered all my questions about detailing and the proper products to use. Very much worth the price, would recommend his work to any one. I hate the rain now because it made my car dirty again but it still shines thanks to bryan. Great work will definitely be using him again.

Ryan, June 2011, Mazda 3

had bryan come yesterday to do an engine and interior detail on my 2009 mitsubishi lancer.

i heard about bryan on redflagdeals...aftewards i noticed he is a sponsor on this site....although i have a mitsubishi lancer i still frequent this forum as my wife has a mazda 3

my engine was pretty dirty...i've never once cleaned my engine as i'm always worried what to spray with water. I also had rust proofing done last week so that didn't help on the mess. Bryan asked me how much i wanted to be cleaned b/c he didn't want me to be left without any rust proofing on certain areas. He was very helpful on advising me before hand as i would have just said clean up everything.

afterwards he worked on my interior. My interior wasn't that dirty but i did have some left over salt stains on my carpets from the past winter. Bryan got them off easily and my carpet looks brand new again. He even shampoo'ed the seats and carpets which ended up making my car smell fresh.

Throughout the whole process, Bryan was a great guy to chat with...joked around with many different topics and even sat down and enjoyed some lunch with me and my friends.

I recommend anyone to get work done by him as his prices are great and he's very meticulous on the work he provides.

Thanks again, Bryan!

lancer, may 2011

Bryan did my 3 this afternoon, got the Decontamination package, and I was blown away with his work.

The amount of detail he puts into the job is incredible! The car looks absolutely amazing, not a single swirl or speck of brake dust. I had originally booked in for this Thursday, but a sudden change of plans had caused me to reschedule, and Bryan managed to book me in with just a day's notice, and man am I thankful. The car will be spotless for this Sunday's show n' shine. He also helped me safely remove some overspray of VHT Nightshade, I didn't even notice it :(

Very knowledgeable, answered any questions I had, and was just a good guy to deal with. With the amount of work he did, I couldn't believe he fit it in just two hours, and I'm pretty sure he finished early! The car has never looked this good, I'll be sure to give him a call next season and I'd recommend his services to everyone.

Shea, May 2011, Mazda 3

Bryan was extremely flexible in arranging a suitable appointment and was punctual, arriving right on time. He promptly began working on the car and was thorough in his detailing of my '08 A4, inside and out. I'd have no problem in recommending his services to anyone in need.



Nelson, Audi A4, Toronto ON

i would recommend bryan to anyone looking for a detailed finish. my avant looks great. he will go the extra mile to make you happy with his work.

Simon Audi A4 Avant

Bryan did a complete Stage 1 Polish on my car as there were a lot of visible swirls and spider-webbing in the clearcoat since I purchased the car second hand.
After Bryan worked his magic on it, the car now looks absolutelyyyyy amaaaaazing!
He took the time to ensure that every single swirl was gone by carefully examining the vehicle's finish as he worked on it.
The rims, tires, wheel wells, exhaust tip, glass, plastic/black trims, headlights, door jams and everything were also cleaned and treated.
I even provided him with OEM touch-up paint and he took the time to fill in all the little spots for me using a super fine tipped bristle brush he has.
Talk about full service!

Having worked in the automotive industry for many years, I know it's hard to find true professionals who take care of your investment and treat it with the utmost care.
Bryan not only met my very high expectations, he exceeded it beyond what I imagined!
I learned a lot too since I had nothing else to do but hang out with him the entire time.
Thanks for all the helpful tips and guidance! It was a lot of fun!

I would highly recommend Bryan for all your detailing needs.
He uses only the best products on the market and is truly a detailing God!

Thanks for everything Bryan!

It was nice meeting you and I'm sure we'll be in touch!

Kind Regards,

Leo Tan
'Super Clean' WRB Subaru Impreza WRX STi

L.Tan April 30/2011 WRX STI

Both my wife and I own 2 Mazda3's; 2007 Mazda3 GT Sedan & 2010 Mazda3 GT Hatch. Both of our cars are daily drivers and are not only subject to the harse Canadian winters, but is also subject to the playfulness of our 3 year old daughter. Those with children know, that the backseat could take a beating with milk being spilt, dirst/ snow/ mud/ salt being tracked all over the floor, food crumbs all over the place from long trips, etc.

Well the time came where we couldn't take it anymore as the regular vaccuum was just not doing the job.

Enter "Concours Touch Auto Detailing"......

I saw a couple of Bryan's posts on the TorontoMazda3 website and decided to give him a shot. This would turn out to be one of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions I ever made. He was able to clean and remove every dirt spot, salt spot, milk stain, remove crumbs, etc. The seats and carpet looked like showroom condition. The dash was absolutely immaculate. For the 2007 Mazda3, i also had him detail the engine...... and I'll admit I was very impressed. I love how rust proofing can protect your vehicle, but i hate the residue it leaves behind over a few months. Bryan was able to remove all dirt and signs of rust proofing.

Overall, I am very impressed with his work, and would recommend his services as they are top notch. Very professional, on time, quality work..... what more could you ask!?!?!


Christopher Alfonso- De Leon
Team_JH Society / JH Motorsports

C. Alfonso- De Leon, March 13/2011, Mazda 3
JH Motorsports

Bryan detailed the interior of my car shampooing the carpets and seats and got out every single stain! Saves you time and money and you don't even have to leave your home. Great job for a great price would definitely deal with again

Rawch Feb 26, 2011 Subaru Coupe

Bryan came by this saturday afternoon to clean my interior. I gotta say he did a great job! Even was able to get off some caliper paint that got spilled on the rear seats. He also left some thinner, cloth and a brush to work at it because he couldnt get it all off. Even after all that he also sprayed some lemony scent to cover the thinner smells.

Definitely recommend for others!

W. Leong, Feb. 26, 2011 Subaru STI

Just had my 08 STI done by Bryan this past long weekend - heck of a man doing a heck of a job (especially for a -12C morning in a cold garage). Car was full of salt/sand, dog hair and dog drool (lol), and Bryan got all of it out without any issues.

Plastics are shiny w/o being greasey, vents are super clean (finally) and more importantly, my carpets and seats were vaccumed and steam cleaned properly to get out all the crap, love it. Car has a great citrus scent to it also...all done quick/efficient and on time for a great price. A+ will buy again.



Shan, Feb. 26, 2011 Subaru STI

Bryan did the interior of my wagon yesterday, I'm very happy with the service, he had to endure the weather because I just have a driveway, he left the car in near showroom condition, the carpets and seats are finally clean. The dash, centre console and door panels are shiny again. The windows are clean too. I think I should get this done more often.
I highly recommend Bryan, excellent job for a great price.



Octavio, Feb. 26, 2011 Subaru Wagon

"I've barely touched my interior since getting my Civic two years ago and thanks to Bryan's great detailing job my car is now looking better than it ever has. Definitely recommend Bryan to anyone looking for A+ mobile detailing."

RJ, February 26, 2011/Honda Civic