Full Interior Clean Up: $160 small/med cars, $200 for Regular SUV, $250 for large SUV+HST


These are estimate pricing, excessive pet hair, salt stains ect may add additional costs and will be confirmed at time of detail.  The full interior clean up includes:

  • Carpets, seats and trunk vacuumed
  • Carpets shampooed
  • Upholstery and vinyl steam cleaned
  • Leather cleaned and sealed with leather sealant
  • Dash, vents, console and door panels thoroughly cleaned, (nooks and crannies included)
  • All vinyl dressed with low gloss protectant
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Enzyme deodorizer applied (sensitivities to scents will be asked before application)

Please ensure that the vehicle is cleaned out prior to detailing appointment.  We will NOT be responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle and will NOT clean areas with personal items in them.