New Car preparation packages are meant to replace dealer prep for new cars and look after most factory or transit damage on the vehicle.  If your car has been prepped by the dealer (washed), the pricing may be greater to account for any damage done by the dealership.  We will review any areas that may require additional work and will confirm pricing before start of work.  If there is a great amount of damage to the new car, we recommend consulting the dealership about any charge back for additional work needed.  These packages do not cover used vehicles.

New Car Protection Package Exterior: $900 and up +HST

  • Exterior decontaminated, washed, light polish performed.  Paint and most glass (mirror glass not included).
  • Cquartz Finest package uses Cquartz Finest on all paint and head and tail lights, Carpro Dlux on trims and wheel faces, and Fly by Forte on glass.
  • Tires dressed
  • Time to complete 5-6 hrs+/- for the average car

Cquartz Finest has a 2 year limited warranty.


Add interior protection for $250 and up +HST
  • Includes leather, fabric and vinyl guard.  Vinyl and leather coated with Cquartz Leather Coating  for years of durability.
  • Basic Interior clean performed before protection is applied.